SSL Proxy

Many people just stop using the web as a good source to find information they need for work or school. The goal of proxies is to keep you anonymous online. A Proxy that uses the HTTPS protocol will be on the web with an SSL proxy that keeps you even more anonymous. The best proxy sites are CGI and PHP with SSL, they are the hardest proxies to block. Most sites charge money to use the SSL version but some are free. A web proxy is one way you can also get to social websites like Facebook and MySpace.

The Internet is full of proxy websites and most of them get blocked eventually. But those proxies that uses SSL you can still get to by going to there HTTPS address. For example: if you tried to go to a proxy bypass web-site and it was blocked then try going to it’s HTTPS protocol address. But you need to be careful not to use personal information when you surf through proxies. A proxy is like a web server that grants you access to the Internet through it. The same technology that administrators use to block you at school and work from getting to sites that you need is the same technology that webmasters use to give back the access. Now many people don’t even know that they can bypass the filters at the work and school so administrators haven’t had to put much thought into how to block SSL proxy []. So keep it a secret.