Public Proxies

Public proxy servers are visited by millions of people everyday. The typical users are

  • College students who want to bypass school firewall filters to visit sites like Facebook or MySpace.
  • Corporate staffs who want to open external websites that blocked by company network.
  • Individuals who have concerns about their online privacy and want to hide their IP address.
  • Persons who want to access web contents or streaming videos only available for certain countries.
  • People who want to speed up their network connections to specific websites.

Believe it or not, most of public proxies are free to use.

On the other hand, you may see some advertisements on their sites, such as Google Adsense, Ad Banners, or Pop-ups. Through those Ads, a well-built proxy site with decent traffic often generates more than enough money to cover its operating cost. Nevertheless, as an end user, you don’t need to pay a penny to access most of public proxies.

You may get a daily list of fresh proxy sites through:

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