Proxy Address Settings

The settings determine what web sites you are able to view, and which ones are blocked. It also can block certain email accounts and emails from being received. If you are on a large network of computers, and need to find a way to gain more access for yourself or a group of users, there are ways that you can bypass the proxy settings.

Each network has different settings that are installed to ensure that the information will be kept private and not be accessed by unauthorized users. When companies set up these kinds of settings, it can limit the amount and content of web sites that you are able to view.

While a certain level of protection needs to be in place, there may be a lot of web sites that you want to access that are secure, and do not have negative content. In order to get access to these web sites that are being blocked on your network, you need to have administrator rights to change the proxy settings. This will enable you to use the Internet more effectively, to meet your needs. But possessing administrator rights has inherent dangers. By changing the security settings, you may be opening up your own account to the view of other users of the Proxy site, which is detrimental to your privacy. Thus, before taking such action, critically think about the consequences.

Once you have the administrator rights, you can change the level of security and other Internet options that will allow you to set the level of security lower to gain access to the web sites you want to view. One important thing to remember if you do this however is that by changing the settings, any users that are also on the network will have their access levels changed. This could mean that you are potentially putting the information on your network at risk of being viewed by unauthorized users.

One other option that you have to bypass your proxy settings is get access to or have someone that does have access to the Internet security settings, to have different levels of access for different groups of users. This would allow you to choose yourself and others that you want to be in groups that can have different levels of access to the Internet and email accounts. A lot of companies have these group settings, to allow certain users access to different web sites than others. Proxy settings are in place to help protect your computer and keep the data on it safe and secure. If you do need to change the settings, be sure to check that you have enough security features enabled.