Free Web Proxy

In many cases these proxy servers are used for increasing the network capacities and also its speed. This is done with the help of the saved information in the proxy servers’ database. It is also known that if a person searches something on the internet that required information will be stored in a special database called cache. When new users open the same page or ask for the same information, the proxy server looks first in his cache and only afterwards over the internet. In many cases the searched information was already opened and the proxy servers do not do anything but restore the information from the cache.

It is good to know that the most common used proxy servers are the anonymous ones. These servers hide your ID and any kind of information only in your interest. These anonymous servers also help in cases when some internet providers band users or regions or even countries. They can request the needed information with the help of these servers that help you browse without having to share your IP or ID.

Even if many persons consider web surfing a normal subject it is good to know that web surfing is not as harmless at it seems. Many threats occur while you browse the net. These threats often refer to internet privacy. The problem is that many sites require general information about you and your personal computer and you are automatically recorded for analyzing purpose. The sites that require this kind of information probably intend to get your e-mail or other information about your PC and operating system. This information is enough for small hacking programs that will block your PC and make you reboot.